Bilingual Executive Coaching

Transformational leadership + the efficient use of a foreign language

The objective of our Bilingual Coaching programs is to maximize leader’s communication skills and strengthen individual capabilities in demanding corporate and global contexts.

Our Bilingual Executive Coaching programs:

  • arrow Reinforce assertive interpersonal connection, and clear and persuasive communication
  • arrow Develop a personal, high impact communication style
  • arrow Recognize and unlock obstacles affecting professional progress (bilingual approach of both conscious and unconscious aspects)

Different topics are addressed in English, Spanish and Portuguese, according to the personal and organizational priorities:

  • Management & Leadership styles / professional career orientation
  • Preparation of effective and persuasive presentations
  • Approach of challenging topics
  • Preparation of key work meetings. Transformational topics, succession plans, development plans, personal challenges, strategic plans, difficult conversations, among others

Tell us about your language challenges and we’ll help you reach your goal through an effective, personalized, measurable and achievable plan.