About Us

For more than 35 years we have been working with companies and their teams to help them remove language-related communication barriers and generate more and better business results.

We combine different approaches and methodologies to create unique and enjoyable learning experiences.

We provide tools and resources for management and teams to achieve their professional goals, regardless of the language they need to use.

Our values and work philosophy


We know that business can and must be conducted with responsibility and ethics.


We apply these same values to all training and coaching processes that involve leadership development.


We promote well-being, a balance between private and professional life, in all aspects of our work.


We believe that generosity is a fundamental value that should not be excluded from the business world. Generosity allows us to open up possibilities, share what we have learned, grow and build partnerships.

Silvia Haskler

CEO and Founder of Haskler Group.

Organizational Psychologist, specialized in communication, change processes and leadership.

She designs training programs based on engagement, motivation and the attainment of measurable results.

Silvia makes emphasis on the importance of understanding and addressing the emotional and intellectual aspects of learning in order to reach immediate, sustainable results.

Silvia Haskler

Promoter of inclusion and the “work life balance” necessary to achieve professional development, personal satisfaction and successful business results.

Executive Coach and Consultant in American Express, John Deere, Motorola Solutions, Bayer, Balluff, Cargill, among others.

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